A unique, warm timbre, stupendous coloratura as well as dramatic intensity – Anna’s voice is praised for its versatility, and her style for the emotional depth and the stunning musicality she is displaying throughout her broad and diverse repertoire – be it a delicate lute song or a dramatic scene.

Having made her debut with Flosshilde in Wagner’s Rheingold only just in her second year of studies, Anna focused on opera quite early in her career. Roles she performed on stage include Ottavia (L’Incoronazione di Poppea), Gluck’s Orfeo and Hansel as well as several of Handel’ heroes and heroines such as Goffredo, Cornelia and Bradamante. After having graduated in 2012, Anna became a member of the opera studio of the Staatsoper Hannover, where she performed during the seasons of 2012/13 and 13/14 and where she continued singing as a guest singer in 2015.

Since 2015 she is working as a freelance singer with a focus on concert repertoire – but of course she has not abandoned opera: In November 2015 she made her debut with Lully’s “Armide” – a complex, technically demanding and emotionally absorbing role which she perfomed with effortless excellence. In singing the mezzo-part of Verdi’s Requiem just one week later she made her first experiences with the Italian romantic repertoire – the very repertoire she is concentrating on right now.

As one of the most promising singers of her generation, Anna has won several of the most prestigious national scholarships: Even as a young student she gained the scholarship of the Jütting-Foundation Stendal and was admitted to the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German Academic Foundation), the most important foundation that seeks to support and form the future Elite in all sciences and arts. She has won the scholarship of the Hamel-Stiftung as well as the audience’s prize of the Hamel-competition, the 2nd prize of the Paula-Salomon-Lindberg-competition Berlin and is alumna of the Richard-Wagner-Verband.

During her studies at HfM Detmold and HMTM Hanover, Anna took the opportunity to develop her academic skills along with her vocal abilities – she has worked as a research assistant and is constantly trying to merge the practical approach of the singer with the intellectual approach of the scientist. Among her teachers are Sabine Ritterbusch, Marina Sandel and Charlotte Lehmann, and she has been taking masterclasses with Grace Bumbry, Edda Moser, Gerd Uecker, Charles Spencer and Anne Harley among others. Anna is very fond of the Lied and has been a member of the Liedklasse of Jan Philip Schulze. She likes “discovering” forgotten composers such as Ethel Smyth or Stefan Wolpe and to present their works to the audience their genius deserves. She regularly works with contemporary composers such as Vladimir Gorup, Andreas N. Tarkmann or Jung-Eun Park, seeking new experiences and approaches to music.